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What materials are you using?

Historically, we've had swimmers master the Skate position before we begin working with stroking and arm recovery.

Originally Posted by CoachBobM
There are quite a few steps in the TI drill sequence between Superman Glide and the drills where we first have you bring your elbow out of the water, so I'm not clear on where, exactly, you're running into trouble.


Even though I'm not OP but I've been struggling as well. Somehow I intuitively got that Skate was cardinal and have been skating day in day out, even though the recommended drill sequence told me otherwise, and my arm strokes were ugly. Yes, in the current TI material you do get to do arm strokes right after Superman. Actually for the first time it encourages you to do Superman with arm strokes... without knowing anything about core rotation yet... I was quite perplexed about that.

Skate in the recent course material comes super late. I just couldn't understand how exactly I was supposed to make nice strokes at all (oh, and the wide recovery! The bane of my existence so far! Lesson 2) if I wasn't stable in a skate to begin (Lesson 3) with so I deliberately chose to skate a lot even if that meant I temporarily sort of "skipped" Lesson 2...

There's no Spearskate, Spearswitch, or Core Balance at all. Sweet Spot is, if I understand correctly, "Roll to Air" now and comes very late into the drill sequences, among the breathing rehearsals.

The full drill sequence (I may have renamed the files a bit, like I added (EAR) so it became (EAR)HOP so that it made more sense to me), but did not change the order:

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