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'...if i slowly blow out, i literrally probably have 6-7 strokes...'

Are you saying you only breathe every 6 to 7 strokes? No wonder you are getting out of breath!

'...Out of breath....even when i get a good breath, by the time the next stroke comes, i feel out of braeth/tense...'

So, here you mention you are out of breath even when the NEXT stroke comes.

Not understanding your breathing sequence.

Can you try breathing every other stroke first and see how that works for you? For example breathe on the right side, every other stroke, going one lap, then breathe on the left going the next lap.

If that is too often, then try every third stroke. Or switch 'every other' to 'every third' as needed.

'Different strokes for different folks' as they say! I usually exhale slowly thru my nose, but save just enough air to blow the remainder out thru nose just as my mouth reaches air to breath -- sort of like a breaching whale (but on a smaller scale!). This helps me keep the water out of my nose. Then I grab a quick mouthful of air (thru mouth) and immediately turn my face down again. It seems to work for me, but it took two years to get to where I am today. It was NOT a quick learning process.

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