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Originally Posted by deggy1 View Post
Wow! You've got a fantastic stroke technique and fitness. I understand where you are coming from when you are talking about your head moving less when you are NOT breathing and I guess its about technique. Maybe my biggest problem is the technique. Although you have a much worse injury, my problem is where my neck will jar sometimes at it won't go right for days or weeks so that always worries me. When I swim without taking a breathe I just keep focused forward and don't twist my neck at all. I'm going to play around with my technique though as I think I'd benefit more from continuous swimming rather than having to keep having breaks for air after each length. I'll get one of the snorkels mentioned to play around with that too. Thanks for the inspiration and good on you for overcoming your injuries.
Thank you very much! Don't be fooled by the appearance of fitness. Read my reply to Sherry, and read my 800yd improvement project thread in this forum.

This is 110% skill and about 0% fitness. The skill is repeating the same movements with accuracy and focus.

With fitness i could do sub 1:20 and make it look just as smooth OR with fitness I could swim 1:40/1000yd and it would loook slow due to a lower stroke rate. Stretch goal for me right now assuming I get back in thw ater (haven't been in in 3-4 weeks) would be 1:40/1000 TT, then building to 1:35/100yd for anything longer than 500yd, and of course beyond that.
100 repeats at 1:25/100 with rest, and eventually a 100 PR of 1:15. Those are my current realistic goals that should come easily when I add fitness to what you see above.

Really...i'm not fit. I'm being completely honest here...skilled yes, I'll take that compliment. No fitness there...and that's not false modesty.

I don't want anyone to watch that video and think they need to "get in shape" to swim like that because that will lead you down the wrong path...the obvious appearing one. Its not in that direction...
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