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Terry: In your post #35 you asked my height--it is 5' 3". I weigh about 137 lbs and my age is 72. I have skinny arms and small hands and feet. Not the ideal swimmer!

Suzanne: In post #36 you asked do I use a TT. Yes, but not all the time. Sometimes use a stopwatch to record time and then calculate sr.

You also asked number of lengths. I use both isolated repeats and 4 sets of 50s. Have not yet graduated to 100s.

Your last question was my spl range. I aim for 17.5 to 19.5. I can hit pretty consistently 18 and 19.

Some other thoughts:
1. Turns are part of the problem. Sometimes I hit 1 or 2 extra beeps before pushing off on a turn. Not good
2. My tempo is a lot slower than Suzanne's. My most comfortable tempo is 150. Whole lot of difference between 150 and .97 This is what is causing the big difference.
3. Suzanne said she was swimming in a 25 yard pool. This is the biggie I forgot about. The pool I swim in is only 23 and 1/3 yards. So sorry, should have not forgotten that. Coach Mat recalculated the table (for me) of a 25 yd po0l to a 23 and 1/3 yd. For my height, gender, and age, he advised me that my range s/b 15.5 to 19.5 spl. Given my age he suggested swimming in the upper range--17.5 to 19.5

If this helps, I did a tempo pyramid on April 5th--2 lengths--140 ft
TT TTL Beeps SPL Time
1:30 46 39 59.8
1:40 45 38 63
1:50 43 36 64.5
1:60 42 35 67.2
1:55 42 35 65.1
1:50 43 36 64.5
1:45 44 37 63.8
1:40 45 38 63.0

Not sure if there is any need to continue the experiment suggested by Terry, but glad to continue if you think there would be any benefit by it.

Thanks both of you for your input.

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