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So i thought I would deliver an update to all you beautiful swim people.

AT the time of my last update, my planned session #6 was this:

5 x 4x 50 at each tempo, targeting 18/19 SPL for each:
Set 1 1.00
Set 2 1.03
Set 3 1.00
Set 4 0.97
Set 5 1.00
I got to our Total Immersion Tri Siwm camp down in Cleremont, FL and headed to the pool with Coach Dinah the night before camp started. We did a fun warmup together and then I embarked on this set.

I started to have some neck discomfort right away, esp with breathing to the left. It was frustrating and I kept at it for awhile trying to pay attention to what was happening, and had coach Dinah take a look at what was going on as well. After a couple hundred yards I knew it just wasn't working so I just enjoyed swimming easily, giving Dinah some feedback and enjoying the gorgeous florida pool.

That was the beginning of a two week trip away from home for me, and it was fairly stressful on my spine. I spent a lot of my energy just maintaining my comfort...doing my basic exercises, moving easily in the pool and coaching up to 4 hours a day...hard on the spine to be bending over talking to swimmers, pacing on concrete, educating in between...

I had two additional truly amazing swims which I'll detail in the next post and let you know where I am at the present time.
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