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Originally Posted by Jean Bury View Post
Most of the lifeguards (who are young and on the local youth swim team) say they never swam a mile.
Wow, that's odd considering I routinely see the 1650 on the list of workouts, at least for those in their upper teens. I guess it varies. But, yeah, lifeguard qualifications max out at 300-500 yards. So do most of the race events.

For me, it just feels good to do something with greater ease and feel than I used to have. Without that ease at a lower level, it's hard to move to the next higher level. Actually, one might say that achieving that ease and feel *is* the next higher level. Then it's time to move out of that comfort zone and work toward the next advance.

Maybe say this, if only to cause confusion: "A great teacher never strives to explain her vision; she simply invites you to stand beside her and see for yourself."
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