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Originally Posted by atreides View Post
For me that's a major triumph! I guess what I'm asking is how do you talk to masters coaches about TI , remain polite but steadfast in the notion that you think your going to be a better swimmer because of it.
I have two swimming coaches, one TI-trained and one TI-aware, who coaches the local university women's team and Masters team. I learn different things from each. Remember that TI is best for teaching inexperienced adult swimmers to swim better. Once you have mastered the TI drills, it may be time to join a Masters team so that you can continue to improve.

In my case, my Masters coach helped me correct some of the errors that I learned through vintage TI: over-rotation, "steep and deep" arm entry, "no pull' technique. I corrected these errors in my own technique before TL changed his teaching, to correct systematic errors among "Freestyle Made Easy" era TI students.

Your local Masters coach is probably not a moron.

Good luck,

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