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Originally Posted by atreides View Post
From time to time I see this guy at the place that I swim. He's always friendly and wants me to join his masters swim group. I always beg off because I figure I'm not ready to swim lap after lap. Well I hadn't exactly had a scintillating swim that afternoon. I felt heavy in the water and unlike the weekend did not feel as balanced. Maybe I swim better in the mornings. Well he hadn't seen me swim in a while and so he wanted me show him the progress I made. I obliged and practically sprinted down the lane so that I would ride high and hopefully look competent. His input was about the same. "You got reach out on your recovery (while mimicking my recovery which indicated that my hands were entering the water at an angle and before full extension- sort of like what TI teaches)". "See that lady's stroke (who was fully extending her arms while riding a pull buoy). Yours should be like that". "Do you wear fins?" I responded "No, I become to reliant on them and when I take them off I'm much worse" . "You need to work on your kick with a kick board" I responded that I use a two beat kick which requires that I only kick in concert with my pull.
atreides, as I am posting this I am smiling. Why? Because this morning at the club one of our best swimmers came up to me and said, "You don't extend your arm. Your always short-arming your recovery and pull." I smiled, looked up and said, "Thanks for letting me know that." At first I use to get concerned that maybe I was doing something wrong or that my faith in TI was misplaced, but the more I swim I've found out something; TI is really helping me become a decent swimmer - notice how I didn't say great, but hey who knows some day...

This morning when I went out to swim there was a really strong flood current a 5.1 if I'm not mistaken. I usually swim into currents on workout days and today's was a real workout. But here's the cool part I swam a mile into that current with a compact recovery, solid balance, strong hip drive and no fatigue! Don't let the naysayers get to you, atreides your on the right course; kickboards, fins, pull buoys and the like are fine for drills but they can only do so much if your balance and core rotation are not strong. Keep up the great work your doing fine.
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