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Default Science Explains it All!

I found this article last week and wanted to post a link to it.

This article is from Popular Science and attempts to explain how the Dolphin Kick works......

I'm not sure if I believe that it explains it for all swimmers.....I watch people do this in videos and it does seem that most of the propulsion comes from the feet. Which is why I think someone with large feet gets extra boost from their kick.....but I see some people slightly move their upper body it might be too simplistic to say just focus on your feet....or even to say focus from the core down.....I think different body types might have to adjust the movement, the tempo, and the effort of the kick.

I find it difficult for me to pin down how best to do this for myself.....I get a thrust forward when I kick down, but as soon as I kick back up to begin a second kick down, I briefly stop or at least slow down alot......If I can keep the flow going then I'd be doing this fairly fast....but I slow down in between thrusts down.....

Anyone have suggestions for me? Perhaps I need to adjust my expectations on this and figure that it's in no way going to equal the speed of my other strokes and that it's best application is helping me to do the Butterfly better.
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