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Originally Posted by cs10 View Post
Finis make a range of centre mounted snorkels with different tips available.
They have a range of fins too.

There have been some super high tech ones developed, costing a few thousand dollars which are super fast when used by an expert. There is a video of a champion ,starting deep under water and leaping completely out of the water like a dolphin.
I picked up those Aqua Fins and I tried them out....I don't like them. I have tried a Monofin before too, and didn't like it either....In a way I'm circling back to the TI philosophy of "Ditch the Fins".

I picked up from Finis the center mounted snorkel. I may keep this, however, I need to pick up from them one of those filters that prevents water from easily coming from the top....I already had another snorkel where the hose clipped to the goggle strap and went to the side of the head rather than the center....I think this one works almost as well, but perhaps it causes an uneven buoyancy to occur. It's hard to tell.....

By the way, cs10, do you have a link you can post regarding the video where the swimmer leaps out of the water like a dolphin?
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