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Originally Posted by caronis View Post
I've heard that there was a backstroke swimmer who was setting world records by swimming most of the distance doing the Underwater-Backward Dolphin Kick?....and that new rules had to be implemented to limit how far swimmers go underwater before reaching the surface to stroke....
I've heard that the 15m limit was imposed because people were afraid that somebody was going to overdo the underwater dolphin and drown. The 15m limit applies, btw, regardless of whether the pool length is 50m, 25m, or 25y.

To me it seems that if this is true, then the name of the Freestyle stroke should be renamed the forward crawl because freestyle should mean that you can swim anyway you want.....

Technically speaking, there is no such thing as a "freestyle stroke". Freestyle is a competitive event in which you can swim any stroke you want, unless it's part of a medley, in which case it has to be a different stroke than the other 3 in the medley. I was once at a meet in which the only event they had longer than 100y was 200y Freestyle, and a guy who wanted to do 200y Individual Medley swam it in the 200y Freestyle event. He wasn't disqualified, because it's perfectly legal to do that, as long as you surface within 15m after the start and after each turn.

The danger in calling the stroke "forward crawl" (or any other name) is that, because it's only swum in competitions as freestyle, there are no fixed rules about how to do it.

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