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Default Aqua Fins & Center-Mounted Snorkel?

Thanks everyone for the Thoughtful Replies!....I learned some things I hadn't known before....

I suppose that ,based on my brief research, the fastest underwater dolphin is not faster than the other strokes...with the exception for BACKSTROKE! Which is why it was such a distinct advantage for Berkoff....Please correct me if I'm wrong with this assumption.

I also found a great Youtube series by GoSwim for learning how to swim the underwater dolphin. I won't paste the link here, but I'm sure you can find it on Youtube if you're interested in it.

My question is if anyone here has tried the fins in the video series. They are Aqua Fins by Aqua Sphere....Even though TI is not in favor of fins, I am curious if they are worthwhile enough to use while learning the underwater dolphin kick? I have tried a Monofin in the past, but didn't like it.....These Aqua Fins are in the shape of a foot and I wonder if they would help coax me along in developing fine technique for the UDK.

Also....I am wondering if anyone can suggest a good snorkel for use just in the learning of the UDK, not the other strokes like Freestyle......I'm not sure if these snorkels that have a center-mount and curl back towards the head would be good with my head going underwater most of the time.....Any suggestions on a snorkel that would be perfect for the learning the UDK?
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