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New Years greetings to all!

I feel #9 of the top 10 resolutions for 2012 is one of the key driving forces of the other top 10 resolutions. If taken as "fall in love" with ourselves. Then that powers the other resolutions on the list. We want self improvement because we recognize there is something better we want for ourselves. The 14%% success rate of the 50+ year olds shows we set goals that are more than reasonable. Maybe because of getting older we see time running out and realize we have to get "there" sooner rather than later. But reaching too far beyond the attainable will only bring disappointment and maybe failure ---- certainly frustration at least. It has taken me 6 years from never swimming a single stroke to becoming comfortable in the water now. All my success is due to following the Total Immersion principles and methods --- I know no other way. My goal for 2012 was simple. It was to become capable of swimming 25 M without the fins (upon which I had become so dependent). This goal has been achieved. And when I wear the fins now, I'm surprised to see the increase in the work level sometimes. So my resolution or goal for the next 12 months is to continue the learning and to become much more comfortable in the breathing department, to become better balanced and streamlined and to use the lap clock to help establish bench marks and to show me if I am reaching these goals. Tackling the diving board is among the goals too. The root goal in all of this is to swim continuous (non stop) 100 or even 200M at a stretch. Presently I'm quite happy to see the wall at the end of 25! I feel it is all in getting the breathing working better.

If you're not swimming; then you should be skiing......
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