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Originally Posted by jenson1a View Post
Yes I have done all the drills as outlined in the dvd easy freestyle. If I swim only 4 or 6 lengths, I can stay fairly straight. Its when I do more, I seem to drift off gradually to one side. Its then that my spls increase.

I do a lot of the sgs, skating, spear switch, swing skate and swing switch and stay fairly straight with them. Of course I am only doing these in 1 length or shorter. This morning I did incorporate bilateral breathing and will keep doing this in the hopes my stroke will become more symetrical.

What I was trying to accomplish is to incorporate the TT to set a benchmark to start at so I could swim more consistently, increase distance, and eventually increase speed.

I think the suggestion to find a didfferent pool to do this is the most logical. the pool I do use now is great for drills.

Tks for all the suggestions

Since you are staying straight until fatigue alters your form (probably a weaker arm or similar) try doing some 2 length repeats with 1 minute rest inbetween and use those to establish your TT benchmark if you do not wish to travel to another pool.

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