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Originally Posted by jenson1a View Post
This may have been addressed in an OW thread, but hopefully someone can give me some pointers. I use to swim in a 25m lap pool, but then we moved and the only pool here is a resort style pool--kind of a shape like a big figure 8.

I have been trying to use the TT and count SPLs, but my problem is that I don't swim in a straight line (boy do I miss that big stripe on the bottom of the pool). I do know that the longest length of the pool is at least 70 feet. Sometimes I can cross this in 17 SPL or as high as 22, but I could be traveling on a diagonal. If I am, then maybe the spl of 19 (or whatever), isn't so bad.

Anyway, I am trying to set some sort of a benchmark for spl and tt settings. What I need to know is how to swim straight so I am traveling the same distance.

Any suggestions? (Tried closing my eyes and it was even worse).

You have two problems really, which could be seen as one opportunity to become a better swimmer.

Your biggest problem is that you don't swim straight. Your stroke gets you to deviate. When you close your eyes, it's probably worst like you mention. Then your second problem, is that you're stuck in a pool that's far from being an ideal training environment.

Can't really do much with the second aspect, unfortunately. But I think that a swimmer who's stroke gets to swim straight line could probably manage to train there. He or she wouldn't be perfectly straight, but probably straight enough.

Out of a curiosity, how are you doing with the drilling aspect? You use ti drills at all? Spear switch that sort of stuff, swimming straight there? Is there anything you can do straight?
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