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Default Swimming in a Straight Line(or Nearly So)

This may have been addressed in an OW thread, but hopefully someone can give me some pointers. I use to swim in a 25m lap pool, but then we moved and the only pool here is a resort style pool--kind of a shape like a big figure 8.

I have been trying to use the TT and count SPLs, but my problem is that I don't swim in a straight line (boy do I miss that big stripe on the bottom of the pool). I do know that the longest length of the pool is at least 70 feet. Sometimes I can cross this in 17 SPL or as high as 22, but I could be traveling on a diagonal. If I am, then maybe the spl of 19 (or whatever), isn't so bad.

Anyway, I am trying to set some sort of a benchmark for spl and tt settings. What I need to know is how to swim straight so I am traveling the same distance.

Any suggestions? (Tried closing my eyes and it was even worse).

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