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Originally Posted by pennelldj View Post
Hi, basically I need some advice as to whats realistically achievable.
I have a place on a triathlon, olympic distance, this year, as a challenge to myself.

I literally can't swim, or couldn't but have been learning the past 4 weeks. I can't even swim a full 25 metres length in the pool yet, so want some advice as to whats achievable.

My dilemma is that, in 4 weeks I have to notify the triathlon if I want to defer my entry for next year. The triathlon is September 23rd, so basically want peoples honest advice as to whether its achievable or not in the timescale?

Any advice welcomed

Hi Darren,
I do admire your courage!
My advice isn't meant to be a discouragement but more of a helpful opinion. I totally agree with Ladyfish's assesment.

First step - Learn to swim - 1-balance, 2- streamline, 3-propulsion.
Note- By swimming well you will swim efficeintly and conserve energy.
Enroll in a open water clinic.
Take some lessons from a coach.
Practice swimming in open water with other swimmers never alone!
Have a realistic plan/strategy to meet your goals
Do a Sprint Tri (usually 1/2mile swim).
Do some pool races with the Masters - another way to add to your racing expereince.

Good Luck in your journey and have fun!
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