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Default Breathing and SPL

Most of the comments I have read, it seems that breathing is a common problem for most swimmers. One of the things I read ( forgot who) brought out something interesting. As your SPL decreases, so does the number of breaths you take. Also, at least in my case, I am swimming a length much quicker than I did before I got your TI book. So it would seem that faster times and fewer breaths could be the cause of feeling as if you are out of air. I feel pretty comfortable in the water and I don't believe that balance is a problem. In fact, I seem to float like a cork (makes staying underwater a little hard).

Also, where in the TI process does SPL come in? I got the dvd Easy Freestyle and there isn't any mention of it. I may have made a mistake when I read the book and Terry seemed to really emphasized SPL. I think in the beginning I was more concerned with lowering my rate rather than focusing on something more basic. (Like the 2 beat kick).
Any comments would be appreciated.
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