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I've also been finishing (sometimes starting) practices with 25 yd sprint efforts..with the focus on stictly on speed, but on fast turnover, while maintaining a smooth and sharp entry into the water (noodling/spearing/silk shirt focus).
I mis-typed this, speed demon that I am, when I posted from my phone. I meant that I was NOT focused strictly on speed. But I did try to swim at as fast of a turnover rate I could manage while holding on the form I was aiming for.

While doing this set a few weeks ago I broke my long standing PR for a 25...because I remained focused on the form and feel and not the time or effort. In fact, when I swam a 17 second 25 (finally faster as an adult than when I was a competitive swimmer in my youth!) the pool manager said, "You weren't even trying that hard. I want to see you go all out". When I did go "all out" I swam no faster, but felt much, much,much worse and more tired.

Your insight into fast swimming is as insightful as it is unconventional ...and very refreshing.
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