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Originally Posted by Patricia View Post
Total Immersion: Graceful Swimming that Changes Your Life

The gracefulness of TI swimming resonates with me but I would not like to see it as part of the TI tag or mission statement. On many occasions when talking TI swimming someone will say, oh that is the pretty one, slow but looks good. Graceful has the same connotation.

A simple tag line will recieve more publicity than the mission statement. I for one would prefer the tag line without the addition of the word graceful. Swimming that changes your life has greater application.
I agree with Patricia. As much as we might strive to be graceful I think I'd rather like to be able to "claim" having style or maybe even focused style. TI has certainly changed my life - in that I always look forward to swimming opportunities now .... and another chance at getting better - hopefully! The title "Freestyle made Easy" really caught my attention in the beginning ... the "easy" had me hooked instantaneously.
If you're not swimming; then you should be skiing......

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