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I'm grateful for the free and frank exchange of views by all. Rest assured that the language I use for first-time site visitors will be different than what I use here. I know I can use 'shorthand' here because we think alike.

In the What Is TI section, I'll use language that - for me - represents the Body-Mind-Spirit triad that defines 'holistic.'
But for instance, rather than use the term "Spirit" on that page, I'll write things like:
"Swim with the expectation of improving."
"Swim with confidence in the choices you make."

I'll also describe the health component in concrete terms that should resonate strongly with almost anyone.
E.G. While saying that 'everyone knows swimming is a heart-healthy, low-impact, all-around body toner' I'll add that the particular style and approach TI teaches maximizes the 'anti-aging' or 'healthful aging' aspects -- and will include a link to an article that gives research-supported details why.
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