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I've had a former long standing shoulder (right) problem surgically restored.
Swimming freestyle the TI way, the only way that I knew of, 'masked' any real problem with swimming. It wasn't until I began experimenting with short axis strokes that I first encountered any real pain, but only after my sessions and especially after poor sleeping 'posture'.
It always took a concerted effort to slowly and mindfully practice my movements in freestyle to get me back to pain free swimming.
After another 'flare up' I had had enough and set myself up for something, in total hindsight, that I should have done many years sooner, surgery.
Turns out the initial bad news of a full tendon tear was 'merely' a frayed tendon plus some major league bursitis plus a surprise bone spur, all of which was thoroughly cleaned, scraped and grounded out. The good news was my 7-8 wk recovery would shrink to 7-8 days and was wet in 7-8 days ! After another 2 weeks I was good to go for full effort practice.
I swam 6-10 miles per week in open water this past season plus completed my first 10K OW all completely pain free! I'm even back to short axis practice more so than before, although much more mindfully, with no pain or discomfort thus far.
Good for me right? Well I believe I owe a lot to the way I began and continue to swim (of course a great surgeon and outstanding hospital doesn't hurt) to my recovery.
Incidentally, I practiced super slow swimming right up until surgery day in an effort to assist in my recovery.
So for me swimming helped overall.
If pain in long standing, please get thoroughly checked and do something about it immediately. I'm glad I finally did although late.

P.S. Looking forward to at least a few 10Ks this coming season and more!

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