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Hello Cathy,

...My Coach has been saying the same, but apparently it's taken me months to really hear it out: ...
It will not be the last time that hearing/reading exactly the same words will give them a whole somewhat new and deeper sense. Uncounted times I thought: Oh, last time I heared it some time ago, but now I did reallyunderstand... same words... and same thoughts six months later. Now I try to think: Oh a new understanding of the old things, curious what will happen with that in six months...

What popped up in my mind while looking at your stroke and reading about your difficulties to get air. Normally we don't teach our interrupted breathing anymore. But in your case it might be a good experience to get some confidence to get enough air that way...

When you'll decide to go to air, rotate more (leading arm unmoved (just turn your palm to pool's ceiling) other arm in the deep jeans-pocket) until you're just on your back, but on a balanced point where you don't get flat on back, more a balanced skate on back (has been called the sweet spot). In this (relaxed) position you'll have "all time of the world" to get enough air in 1-3 breathers. Then turn back (palm turning down/backward, body rotating back around the spine-arm-line, hand/arm moves with a smooth recovery to mailslot) and take your next 3-5 strokes then same on the other side. When you got familiar with that shorten the interruptions down to a short inhale... to keep the interruptions shorter. It's simply the other way round to seamless breathing...

Enjoy with best regards,
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