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Hey All,
It has been a long time since I have been on the forum. I love this video because it points out a hugely important concept that I love about TI. First, some background. I began my athletic career at age 6 as a martial artist because I could not yet walk correctly and my parents believed the training could help. I now have two black belts. I have long been intrigued by the image a lot of people have that martial arts can have such life changing affects on people, but most other sports can't. I don't share this belief.

I believe martial arts, or in this case riding a crazy bike, can teach us so much because the consequences of failure are immediately obvious. If you fail in martial arts, you get hit. If you fail on this bike, you fall. But, unless you are careful with your metrics, if you fail in the pool you slow down a little. Slowing down is far less traumatic than a fist in the face so most people don't notice the small slips in focus that slow our learning. My swimmers usually make a big jump in their learning when they learn to see an added stroke like falling off this bike. It tightens their focus.

The second point I like is in response to the age issue. I had the overwhelming honor of meeting Keiko Fukuda, the oldest living student of the founder of Judo (she passed in 2013) while she was teaching at 99 years old. One of the main ideas she left me with was that the techniques that worked for her when she was young ("at 80") don't always work at 99. She continued to learn because failure to protect herself was not an option as her body changed. Our bodies are changing constantly. But only through intense metric focus can realize that on a daily basis. Only when we are open to change can we accept that the focal points that lead to success now, will not be the same ones that lead to success in a couple years. And watching Ms Fukuda in action made it clear that the mind will always be able to adapt.
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