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Thank you for this. Good thing I found this thread, I was scouting for Total Immersion Swimming Coaches in Manila and encountered a few coaches who are claiming to teach TI, the one is triswimjose, the other one is Swim Academy. Swim academy is famous among Triathletes in the PH, and Coach Moi claims to be Total Immersion certified but when I checked on the Total Immersion find-a-coach, he's not there so I suppose he's not Total Immersion Certified.

I've checked out Aqualogic and had some friends who enrolled but according to them, Ria Mackay is not hands on and lets her non TI coaches teach TI. I'm hearing good things about MediSwim, I follow them on Instagram and they post great case studies. my current sched is just conflicting with their current Triathlon Swim program sched but will def enroll at MediSwim.
I would suggest emailing the TI office here in the U.S. They can reliably tell you if someone is a TI certified coach. And they may also want to take action if a non-TI coach is claiming to be TI certified.

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