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Originally Posted by Tom65 View Post

Swimming slower and ever increasing swim fitness sorted the breathing, just wasn't swim fit enough and breathing every 3 wasn't enough for me.
Breathing on 3's is not enough for most swimmers, even the most fit. Get the air when you need, breathe on 2's and even on 1's (yup each stroke). In ow, if I don't don't a good breathe off my right shoulder, or if I just need more air, I immediately follow my left shoulder to air on the next stroke. Although you should be able to easily breath off left and right shoulder, it's not necessary to make breathing on 3's a goal. My breathing pattern in ow: 2,2,4,2,2,4,... This allows me to get enough air most of the time and gives me 4 strokes to act as a reset. Find a pattern that works for you and break the pattern as needed if you need air :-)

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