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I had a follow-up question. I have been viewing the "Perpetual Motion Freestyle" DVD in the past 2 days to find a solution to my problem. In one of the lessons, Terry mentions something which he terms as "Semi Interrupted Breathing". I didn't quite understand what this is & how is it different from "Interrupted breathing". Would you have any clarifications around this?

Purely from an understanding of the English language I can feel that it might probably be an intermediary step (and a logical step) between Interrupted breathing and Rhythmic Continuous Breathing.

However, what does "Semi Interrupted Breathing" mean in practical terms? What does it mean in terms of motion of legs/hands/head turn for breath etc.? Probably what I mean to ask is, what does it mean in terms of focal points. Any advise that you provide around this would be of immense help!!!
In Interrupted Breathing, you pause at the point in your stroke where you would ordinarily breathe by rolling almost (though not quite) onto your back. You can remain in this position for as long as you want and can take as many breaths as you want before rolling back to your skate position and continuing your stroke.

In Semi-Interrupted Breathing, you don't really roll any farther than you would when doing regular breathing, but you momentarily pause when you are taking a breath in order to think about what you are about to do. On the DVD, Terry does this at one point when he is switching from underwater spearing to an over-the-water arm recovery, and the momentary pause allows him to mentally take stock of what he is about to do. Semi-Interrupted Breathing differs from regular breathing because when you are doing regular breathing, you don't want any pause, but want to maintain the same stroke rhythm you were using on non-breathing switches.

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