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Originally Posted by Grant View Post
Hi Dave. No big insights. The following are my experiences with back stroke. I am 5 ft 9 in and 167 lbs. I can't float on my back like your wife, which incidentally my wife can float in almost any position but like yours does not like her face in the water. Back on subject. With backstroke I have always had to do a gentle flutter kick to keep horizontal. Doing a two beat kick does not work as well on my back. The flutter kick is very shallow but distinct. I have never mastered the six beat kick. I remember years ago Terry saying to time the catch/pull when the recovering arm has left the water and is at 45 degrees. This
seems to work.
Full disclosure - I swim with a nose plug in practice to minimize my allergies. I swam a few lengths without the plug and the the water never went into my nose. So I think my head position was right. Now that I think of it a small amount might have entered but it was easily cleared.
As I mentioned in another forum when I don't kick at all on my back my feet sink and perhaps (don't know your body shape) a gentle kick would get you into a more horizontal position. Something to try. The quest continues.
Hi Guys. You might want to think about a breathing pattern if you haven't already. Lots of folks think they can/should just breathe when they want because their face is out of the water, but a rhythmic breathing pattern will help. When I swim I inhale (mouth) as my recovery starts, then exhale (nose) as my recovering arm heads down into the water. That last part of the recovery is also when the water "washes" over my face, about the time my shoulder is passing my chin/ear. Hope that helps. Let me know...
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