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I think this is a brilliant question. It is much more important to know what your technique should feel like than what it should look like to an outside observer - because you can't watch yourself from outside.
This is one of the great things about how Terry describes TI. There is a review here that makes that point -

But a couple of stroke descriptions above were so confusing to me that I think either (a) you guys are doing something seriously wrong, or (b) your description could mislead someone else. So before I describe what I feel, here are my thoughts on those earlier posts...

Originally Posted by atreides View Post

1. I spear softly with my recovering hand.
I agree with aprevious comment - the word 'spear' is the opposite of softness. Ok, your arm enters the water smoothly without splashing or bubbles - but it drives forwards, it is not weak.

2. I immediately begin my rotation to the opposite side.
This is slightly ambiguous. I presume you mean opposite of your current side, not opposite of the spearing arm! (sorry if I seem pedantic). So as you rotate, your shoulder drives forward & down behind your spearing hand.
Also you forgot to mention that the lead hand pulls as the recovering hand spears.

3. Flip my recovery forearm and hand to vertical position (anchor) or as close as I can get to that position.
Not too soon - you need a patient catch. Experience the momentum of this stroke before you rush into the next one. (But I swim slow SR)

4. Continue rotating to other side as I begin pull in anchor position.
What does this mean? If you mean pull with (say) the left hand as the right one spears, you are too late - it should be simultaneous with the spear (see my comment above). But even more worrying, you described the catch by the 'recovery arm' in step 3 - I really hope you don't mean you spear, catch & pull with the same hand all in one rotation??? And why did you call it 'recovery' instead of spearing arm - after all it has just speared!
Or does 'other side' mean a fresh rotation back to where you started? Are you describing TWO strokes but only in terms of the movements of ONE arm???

5. Finish rotation and glide as set up to do it all over again.

As you can see, I'm pretty confused.
Me too !

Originally Posted by ayesr View Post
The 2BK using a cross-kick variety - the one with a one-foot driver
By definition the 2BK has one-foot (per stroke) driver. It has 2 beats per stroke cycle of 2 strokes - hence 1 kick per stroke.

o kicks off-the-wall, then initiates the 2BK, say, foot driver is right foot (left foot just drafts along)
Personally I don't kick with my first pull after push-off the wall. Maybe I should?
What I am more confused about is that everyone I know pushes off with both hands extended. This does not fit with some of the details below (there would be no marionette spearing hand).
So maybe the following steps actually describe later stroke, not the first one? I am going to assume this is true, because you describe the subsequent stroke in identical (mirror-image) terms

o corkscrew affect turns the hip to the left,
"To the left" is ambiguous. Do you mean left hip goes up or down. This is crucial. If you kick with right foot then left hip goes down.

o causes a rotation that clears the left shoulder off the water surface,
What does this mean? It sounds to me like a description of the shoulder coming up. But since your left hip goes down, so must your left shoulder, following the left spearing arm into the water.

o allows a graceful marionette spearing left hand to enter the water (all the while the propulsion caused by the 2BK moves the body forward),
The shoulder follows/drives the spearing arm. And it is marionnette as it recovers, not as it spears
And don't you think the right arm has something to do with the propulsion ???

o left hand may pull depending on the speed one wants
NO!. The right arm pulls as left spears. You don't spear and pull with the same arm in a single stroke!!!

o as spearing left hand enters the water, right hand at "anchor" at this time slightly past, near or about the head, as it is about to near the point to recover (near the hips or slightly past the hips, depending on the speed)
This makes no sense at all. Get a book, DVD or workshop to findout where (and WHEN) the right hand anchor point is.

And the process is repeated by the left-foot driver doing the foot-flick to initiate the corkscrew effect to rotate the hips to the right, to clear the right shoulder off the water for the right spearing hand to enter the water.

o the 2BK I think increases (not sure about the # of beats)
The number of beats is 2 per cycle!


Please don't take offence, but have you guys actually had any TI training, books or DVDs, or are you trying to learn from posts on this forum. Your descriptions are so far off everyyhing in the TI materials

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