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Originally Posted by Mushroomfloat View Post
All he is doing with that kick is putting his hips back at the surface.
As his hips don't sink before he is kicking, i doubt that. I don't think that he needs a kick at all. But to demonstrate kick timing it might be better to do this with a kick.

If the aesthetics of the stroke don't match with your thoughts, that's not the problem of this swimmer. He IS fast. What do you want? Being fast or swimming pretty? If you want to swim pretty it's ok, but why then criticising someone who swims fast and demonstrates his technique?

Or as my kung fu teacher said: "Better looking? I already hit you two times".
Kung fu is not shadow boxing, it has to be effective. Shadow boxing can look pretty, there is no one you have to defend.

I'm just puzzled, because as I understood most of your posts were discussing efficiency. Here is a fast efficient swimmer but it's not pretty enough? (I may have misunderstood)

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