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Just Like Inge, I think the one arm always in front variaty limits the rotation and the possibiliy to feel the proper connection from catch to core. rolling all the way from left to right.

Even with fins, you will get up and down bounce if you dont do it right. The disturbance is at shoulder height, not at the rear of the vessel.
You always get some bounce, but it shouldnt be excessive, or it should be deliberate, in an undulating manner.
There is a lot happening between hips and elbows that can be managed one way or the other, wearing fins or not.
From all these actions only a part is directly related to front-rear balance, what is always your main concern in your reactions.
The rest is concerned with finding an optimal dynamic compromise between propulslon and streamline.
If your basic balance is good, thats not your only purpose anymore. Balance is the platform to work from. Not the main action on itself.

mechanical engineer offcourse :-)

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