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Here you can see how difficult it is to do it right and how revealing it can be.

Terrys pulling nechanics can be improved. It causes massive up and down bobbing by pushing water down underwater pushing the body up, together with the weight of the recovering arm pushing the body down a moment later, setting up an up and down bobbing rhythm. He even has to wait until his body floats up again to take a breath. He could also have chosen a strokerate that amplifies that natural rhythm and become a loper, but it seems the rhytm is to low frequency for that in his case.
Terry just didnt have the flexibility to have better underwater mechanics probably, and here it shows up much more than in normal stroke.

Even with those limitations its possible to swim well, as Terry proved, but its interesting to become aware of your limitations, and try if you can limit the negative effect they are causing. Unco certainly can help with that.

if you do unco like this, its indeed useless

cant find a good unco example anymore.
Whell, this is a good one
this is a very good one, but with fins
but looking for a good one with a 2BK...
A good one with a pull buoy
This proves that the kick is not the only mean to establish rotation.

a beautifull single arm fly

well, dont know , but seems more about undulation instead of rotation.

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