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Terry has also a one side drill: Single side swimming.

- I also tried the commonly used single side swimming with one hand outstretched. I didn't like it. At first, this was very easy to perform, but it didn't give me any benefits either. But it hinders a bit the rotation because to do a correct rotation you had to rotate the outstretched arm to the top side. In single fly that's different, because there is no need of rotation.

- Terry's single side swimming is different. You must have a very stable core to perform it because all correcting and stabilising movements of the second arm you can't do. The entire rotation you have to do with the core muscles, you cant initiate it with the arms. I can do this drill now (with 2-beat kick), but not always it's easy to breathe in this drill for me. I will have do practice some more :o)

- As I see in videos, the UNCO-drill very much like Terry's single side swimming. But the breathe is on the back arm side. On the videos I've seen most swimmers use the back arme to initiate the back rotation, but it may be that's because of that is what someone does who does not rally master the drill. I don't know. It looks like me to be the "easier form" of Terry's drill.I think the drill can teach better core control, but breathing on the stroke side is much more challenging than on the other side because the support of the outstretched hand is missing.

Everyone has his own drills he likes or he doesn't like. I like Terry's drill very much even if i felt drowning the first times i did it. And the other two drills may have their point too for other people.

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