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Originally Posted by Zenturtle View Post
I am not a TI swimmer or a swimsmooth swimmer or whatever.
Just a guy who started swimming 6 years ago already, and trying all the dishes available on his own.
That means, trying differnt swimming styles to see what makes them tick as far thats possible for a middle aged guy with an avarage engine size.
Still havent found my personal style by all this messing around, but its converging to a certain stroke. Luckily the very raw basics for a good stroke are the same for any style.

But whats wrong with unco? One of the best drills around if you execute it properly I think.
ZT, six years? Triathlon, open water or pool comp? Where are your from, what pools do you swim, open water, ocean or lake - both?

Re: Unco. This is what SS has named the single arm drill - short for uncoordinated or something? Single arm free drill has been around forever. I would hope a swimmer could coordinate one arm in freestyle if they're swimming with two and if they have two functioning arms. Some of us in TI use single arm drill and some don't - Terry used for specific reasons too. I prefer single arm fly as opposed to single arm free. Being "one of the best drills" what specifically do you use it to improve where two arms just get in the way? What is the point of the drill other than to feel a lack of coordination or being unco'd?

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