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Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post
A 4-second improvement in 100m is a pretty big jump. How much time do you have to achieve that goal?

You're pretty fast already at 1:09 for 100m--faster than my best of 1:14 (but then I'm a distance swimmer, and not all that fit or competitive). I would think proper focus on balance and technique will help you improve on that significantly--if you put in the necessary time.

But with TI training, speed is a byproduct of good technique--it's not a goal itself. I think that's important to accept if you are serious about getting better. Building up to good technique will involve breaking down fundamental elements of your stroke, which will probably feel like "one step forward, two steps back" for a while. Be patient. Good technique is the only way you'll improve, especially starting out as fit as you are.
I have until April 2019 when I will be competing at our National championships. Your comments about technique make sense. Even though I can do 1:09 in a 100m sprint, I can only manage 1:45 pace when swimming a 800m. This for me points to poor technique. Surely I should be able to get closer to 1:35 pace when swimming longer distances?
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