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Originally Posted by Mushroomfloat View Post
So there is my tip "extend to the elbow" not the hand fingertips.

(& no i dont mean "dropping the elbow at forward extention")
Just so I understand:

When you said you were "over-extending" (and then you fixed it), and with your other explanation of years of "long stroking"

did you mean

1) the point of entry of the fingertips of the high side hand was too far in front of your head line (so you fixed it by moving the entry point closer to your head)


2) the stretching and extension of the fingertip was allowed to go too far past the elbow of the other arm before the other (previously low side and leading) arm catch started


3) you were referring to the stretching effort of your spear only after your hand entered, meaning your stretching effort was from the shoulder all the way to the fingertips, but you found later that stretching the muscles only to the elbow kept the forearm and hand muscles more relaxed.

I think you meant 1), but then I didn't understand

"When i foud best was to focus on only extending to the elbow which keeps the forearm and hand relaxed and useable"


"I ended the session with a nice discovery of "riding the elbows" from entry to extention which added stability and all round relaxedness"

Please explain the parts in bold, as I'm not clear on what you mean.

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