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If you look the swimming races at the paralympics you will see, that there are in all four styles swimmers with only one arm.
So of cause it is possible to get a good swimming technique with only one arm.

I think, finding the balance and especially geting a good core stability, for you is more essential. With two arms many small movements can hide some lack in core stability. That works, but of cause at the cost of efficacy. So this balancing movements with the arm are not really good.

In the TI-Method Balance/ core stability are the most important and so most trained skills. So the method will definitely cover your needs.

In Terries courses, the one armed freestyle ist in the second part in the "master course", because it's somewhat difficult.
But I think you will learn it faster as you can't cheat by balancing with your second arm.

I would start with the balancing drills. Balance helps in all four strokes.
And at first I would swim and imprint the technique without breathing (except perhaps for special breathing exercises). First with short repetitions and standing up to breathe, then with a snorkel.
Swimming backstroke may be easier at the beginning, because breathing there is not difficult.
For that issue, the older courses may perhaps be helpful, because they have a lot of balance drills on the back in "sweet spot".

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