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Default One armed swimmer

Hi there. I lost the use of my right arm in a motorcycle accident in 2005. I used to love the pool as a child, but Iíve never really been able to swim since my accident. I recently heard the Terry Laughlin interview with Tim Ferris and itís inspired me to get back in the pool and give it a go.

Iím trying to follow the TI book and Iím watching as many videos as I can, but so far Iím finding it tricky. Can the TI methods work for a one armed swimmer? What stroke do you think I should try! Iíve just found the videos of Terry and Stew Smith doing the combat swimmer stroke and that looks doable.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Iíve got young kids now and would really like to enjoy the pool with them, and get some real exercise while Iím at it.

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