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Good morning everyone,

Started swimming again last fall after years of being out of the pool. Been going 2-3 days a week, 30-60min at a time. Started with a coach a few weeks ago, loving it so far. Got talked into doing the Master's practices MWF and loving that as well. Problem is, in Master's practice, I can go all day with fins on, been doing 1-2k practices and all is good. The minute the fins come off, I need to do a sprint pace to keep my legs from sinking, or what feels like that, so I'm gassed after just 50m. I'm sure (hope?) this is a common problem. Running 5 miles, biking 20 miles regularly so I'm confused about what seems to be a lack of breath, feeling as though my chest is going to blow up after just a 50. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Fins are the single biggest swimming cheat ever.

Do the hard work.

Fins make everything way to easy.

Buoyancy shorts can give you a lift to help get more laps in whilst building fitness.

Snorkels are also good to let you get some swim adaption/fitness, although they do allow you to use too little rotation.


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