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Good morning everyone,

Started swimming again last fall after years of being out of the pool. Been going 2-3 days a week, 30-60min at a time. Started with a coach a few weeks ago, loving it so far. Got talked into doing the Master's practices MWF and loving that as well. Problem is, in Master's practice, I can go all day with fins on, been doing 1-2k practices and all is good. The minute the fins come off, I need to do a sprint pace to keep my legs from sinking, or what feels like that, so I'm gassed after just 50m. I'm sure (hope?) this is a common problem. Running 5 miles, biking 20 miles regularly so I'm confused about what seems to be a lack of breath, feeling as though my chest is going to blow up after just a 50. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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