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Hello veti,

I'd urgently recommend jumping into the workshop. You'll get many new insights, general and individual. If you're still inscecure, ask the instructor/organisator of the workshop how she'll deal with your beginner-state.

Many drills will be shortened down in time or "swim it with 4-6strokes, stand up, look back, reorganize and swim another 4-6strokes" and every hint or hand on will be highly individualized for what your stroke needs...

And if you have to "warm up" some meters too much, swim breaststroke or backstroke, or take your breathers with standing up some more often...

Let us know what happened.

Best regards,

PS: All TI-workshops I know are with one coach per 3-4 students. So even if the skills are very different there was time enough for everyone's needs. End last but not least everyone has to work on the BSP-foundations... As (even) Terry shows us how to do...
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