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Default Is it doable from couch potato to decent swimmer at 46 y/o?

Hello guys,

I am new to the forum, actually I just learned about Total Immersion after going back from the pool completely wasted and disappointed about my performance.

I am 46 (47 next Nov 24th) and my goal -or dream better said- is to complete a Sprint Triathlon next year, something local, just for fun. The bike portion seems to be relative covered, I can routinely make 20miles in 1 hour, however literally I can't swim even 1-lenght (25 meters) without feeling completely exhausted, right now swim more than that seems like an impossible task to me.

Besides I need to swim because I have a low back problem and swimming seems to be an excellent therapy for it.

I wonder if you can give me an advice regarding which course to get first, the Freestyle Mastery Complete or the Ultra-Efficient Freestyle Complete? Do you think is possible to get better at my age??

Thank you!
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