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Default How to get a coach's eagle eye?


I met WFEGb yesterday - we finally discovered that he is living in the area where I work and that he usually swims in the same pool where I swim - we did more talking than swimming but after a while we had the 'swimmer' lane just for ourselves.
Thanks Hashu33 for your great tips on two of my never realized carelessnesses. Two things to work on next time...

But I was not able to the same for you. Sorry! So my questions here. May be some answers will help when we'll meet next time:
  • How does a TI coach assess an all around "good looking TI-Stroke"?
  • Where to look first?
  • How to deal with small disabilities?
  • Are there whole stroke internal drills other than to focus on this or that?
  • Sometimes asked here on the edge but never got a satisfying answer (perhaps an uninteresting question): How to decide being on the right (TI-)way, when tiny improvements are tested which do not effect SPL at once?

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