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[quote=asbrown90;1417]Hello all.

I guess my real problem is that when swimming with other people in a lane, I don't know "how to behave" in this more crowded and restricted environment. I know the idea of circling in a lane, tapping the foot to pass, etc. But am I allowed to swim other strokes? What if I want to do drills - is that allowed?

Any swimmers who swim at more crowded public pools, offer me your advice! Thank you in advance.


You can swim any stroke you want ,the only exception unless you have the lane for yourself may be butterfly because of the room needed not to hit the person coming towards you and at the same time hitting your hand on the lane line . You can also do any drill you'd like but if there are three or more people and you are doing a circle and you think you may hold up the person behind you just let them pass and go behind them.Two people to a lane you split the lane and three or more you do a circle

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