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Originally Posted by shuumai View Post

It seems that a 2-beat kick starts near the surface, or at least with the leg in line with your body.. The kick starts at the hip. As the leg is drawn down, the knee bends. Then the lower leg snaps into alignment again. The non-kicking leg seems to float up to the surface on its own as the body rolls and the other leg kicks. I don't think the foot should break the surface in this case. If it does, it might cause a ka-plunk sound and have less power.
You're right, it makes a ka-plunk sound!! :-))
and I also think my knee is too much bend when I'm kicking! Another thing to focus on!! I'm not sure which leg breaks the surface (the kicking leg or the non-kicking leg) Aaaargh!!! I need a training buddy!!! Hope there will be a TI coach in Belgium soon!!!
But thanks a lot for the tips so far!!
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