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Originally Posted by RadSwim View Post

1. Steep and deep leading arm pulls your body deep (see my earlier post in this thread).
2. Deep head position pulls your body deep.
3. Kicking incorrectly with fins pushes you deep. (I will elaborate below.)

Do you recognize any of these posture problems?

Good luck,
Hi Radswim,
1. indeed I have a steep and deep leading arm. But that's something I can not change because I have to keep my balance in the water.
2. I didn't notice a deep head position but maybe this can be caused by kicking incorrectly, like Shuumai mentioned (see reply above)
3. My kick is certainly not good and I have poor core stability, so this can be a cause too. I started now with dryland core stability excercises. Hope this will help!

Aiai I have a lot of work to do!!!
But if I only have it when I pause is it necessery to try to prevent the sinking problem during overswitch? If I swim normal, I don't have a lot of problems with breathing so this means my body is not too deep, I suppose...
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