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Default Sure!

They can't tell you what to be thinking, so make a few adjustments:

Sometimes they use drills like:
sculling- you can do kind of a half underswitch to set the grip with patience kickboard- hmmm tough on this one- maybe ask if you can streamline kick or skate
swimming with fins- keep the kick light and exaggerate the hip drive and the tight kick staying behind the hips
and/or paddles- get some finger paddles or finis freestylers if they INSIST on paddles, but here, like kickboard work, I'd avoid most of it
pull buoy- request a "mock pull"- I'll put up a post on it
swimming with fists- make sure the fist isn't tense and drawn back but instead in line with the forearm, and this is great!
tapping the armpit- If this is to get you staying tight then extending wide and patiently, see if you can do the same without coming in to the armpit. Many adults don't have this mobility and wreck their posture when doing this.
dragging arm recovery- a wide zenswitch could be the same- make sure you lead by the elbow and have a slight shrug out in the shoulder.

There is no point if there is no purpose- at least ask why you do each thing so you know what the coach is trying to build into your stroke.
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