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Default TI in traditional master swimming group?

Hi I'm member of a triathlon club. Most members swim together 3 to 4 times a week and most af them swim very good and can swim very fast and long. The swim coaches are teaching the traditional way and aren't familiar with TI.

Is it possible to participate at this swim sessions and doing the traditional drills, with keeping TI focus points in my mind? Sometimes they use drills like: sculling, kickboard, swimming with fins and/or paddles, pull buoy, swimming with fists, tapping the armpit, dragging arm recovery,...
The other part of the session is building distance and working on speed, but here it's not a problem to keep my TI principles in mind, I guess.

Participating at a traditional swimm class is the only option for me to swim in a group (TI is not well known in Belgium)

So my questions:

If I swim on my own (and include the TI drills), let's say, two times a week and moreover take part on the traditional swim class, once or two times a week; is this harmful for developing my TI style?

Are their traditional drills I certainly have to avoid? (it's not very pleasant for the teacher when someone says, "I don't do this drill".... especially not when he is one of the weakest swimmers in the group ;-) ). Or can I do the drills with TI focus points.

Thanks for your answers!

ps: excuse me for my sloppy english!

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