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Originally Posted by Willem View Post
Thanks for the good suggestions to excercise my kick.
Chiswimmer, you can be right too. I'll try the balancedrills without fins again!

'The kick must come from the hips and not from the legs.': It's strange but I don't seem to memorise this in my motoric memory. I didn't had the "aha-expierence"... Hope this will come one day!!
Think of a rubber band. Your core is the rubber band and the movement from hip is the after-effect of the core unwinding as you spear your hand into the water. Let your legs as loosy loose as you possible can. The more tense your legs muscles are on the quads, glutes and hamstrings, the harder it is to allow the hip to actuate the 2 beat kick.

I find that the TI 2 beat kick easy to implement because I am a Chi-runner as well, which uses core rotation and hip extension much in a same way as a TI freestyle swimmer.
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