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Default i thnk sometimes BUT I LOVE IT WHEN MY STUDENTS CAN

Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
Well it has happened.... I've finally have returned to the pool.... my last visit was in October when I was faced with a pool closure and a month later a closure for maintenance. And then ski season soon began as did the cold season ....

Anyway after 5 month's absence, today was to be a short re-acclimation of sorts with little successes expected. It seems that some swimming ability has actually stuck or has become ingrained as today turned out to be a worthy day with modest progress.

However ... consider this ....
One of my problems in breathing is not completely exhaling.
This has been stressed several times here as an all important skill.
I do n't think I'm alone with this problem.
To gain somewhat of a "feeling" as to what being completely exhaled
may feel like, I tried using my basic snorkel for ONLY inhaling and exhaling through the nose. I found that it took some stronger focus to do this than expected because after some nose exhaling I usually will blow out some air through the tube. However after a while if felt quite natural to ONLY inhale through the tube and exhale ONLY through the nose. Exhaling until I had no more air to breath out.

As Pat has pointed out several times, the snorkel is "mouth breathing". When I put the snorkel away I did find I was more completely exhaling than before my little "drill". I'll be doing this again as I do feel it helped.
Give it a try if you feel you are not completely breathing out may help a bit with the "feeling" of what being completely exhaled feels like. And, if you use a snorkel, this way you won't have a build up of exhaled stale and oxygen deprived air in the tube for the next inhale -
especially if you use it the way I did.

Any thoughts ??

any thoughts
Yes always on learning and conquering this new environments
with the help of those participants that can say it much better than I can!

so I always find nose clips a burden when others have learned to use 'em!
so who decides how ya swim?

thnkin, BUT
I love to hear my students!
r u one of 'em?
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